Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Exeter

Great facilities for drum students and musicians to work on their music.

Here at Drum Lessons Exeter, we are always really proud to hear that one of our drum students has entered the recording studio for the first time with their band.

It is something that all drummers should aspire to do at some stage. We are also really passionate about helping up and coming bands make it as big as Muse, so to help you along the way we have drawn together a list of what we consider to be the best recording studios in Exeter to record your first EP at. So in no order...

Sound Gallery Studios

Sound Gallery was originally founded as a not for profit organisation in 2000 by social entrepreneur and musician Grice (Jim) Peters with support from the Elmgrant Trust and Lord Young (founder of Open University). Since then, they have really worked hard to become a hub for recording and a hub for local and touring bands alike in the Exeter area. They pride themselves on making sure have high standards, acoustically designed rooms and high-end equipment which means that we deliver professionally sounding recordings which will help musicians to get noticed in the music industry. Check the studio out at phoenix, Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS.

Studio 54

Studio 54 is a multi story studio which offers everything from recording to promotion and video production services. The main studio features two control rooms, a treated live room and iMac training suite for various music recording platforms. Studio 54 is a creative space where you can develop your material, produce, record, mix & master your music to competitive and commercial standards. You can choose from an impressive music industry collective of in-house music producers and engineers to provide their expertise on your project. To listen to some of their recordings, please check out their website.

Steve Kitch Mastering

Steve Kitch is a professional mastering engineer and primarily works from his personal studio in Devon, UK. He offers mastering services for bands, artists and labels. Steve has been working in the music industry for many years and has built up extensive experience meaning he can cater for a vast array of genres, clients and budgets. Steve set up Audiomaster in 1996 and was one of the first mastering studios to pioneer online delivery. Now the accepted standard for delivering and receiving masters. Steve offering expert services at affordable prices. So if you want an industry standard job done by someone who has been there and done it already then I recommend this guy.

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